Low TestosteroneIt’s only natural for men to have this hormone. Some just have more than others. Did you know these levels can have a direct impact on your body and mind? Your health is directly affected by how much testosterone is produced. It can affect your weight and your muscle tone. Let’s take a closer look at how these levels are impacted and to what extent.

Muscle Growth

Testosterone is one of the main contributors to muscle mass and development. The neurotransmitters relay messages. They tell our body how much tissue to produce. Having low testosterone can make achieving your workout goals extremely difficult.

If you have low testosterone, your body will suffer. Your body will suffer from more breaks and damage. If your bones are broken down, this makes working out a problem. This means your body won’t produce the tissue it needs to. This makes sustainability more of a problem. Muscle mass will go down. In some cases, the muscle mass will be non-existent. Historically, people have turned to testosterone supplements but now there may be a natural alternative but altering your diet and exercise routine as outlined in the Omega Body Blueprint plan by John Romaniello.

Our bodies need a certain amount of fat to survive. This fat helps in developing the muscle mass and helps to tone up. Muscle mass also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. It’s not about being thin, it’s about being healthy. Without a certain amount of fat, your health will decline.

The Central Nervous System

Another important feature in maintaining a healthy weight and muscle tone. Having a healthy central nervous system helps to boost self-esteem. It also helps to maintain a good physical life. Being active is important in maintaining muscle tone and a healthy weight. The more physical you are, the less your body will be broken down inside. The important thing to remember is not to overdo it. This is why you need to have the right amount of testosterone in your body. The proper amount will keep you active at a normal and healthy rate.


This is another key factor. Sex is one of the most enjoyable things you can do in life. More people should engage in some sort of sexual activity. Sex helps a person keep a healthy heart and weight. Sex helps a person keep up with good muscle tone. Sex is one of the most underrated contributions to a healthy life. If you a man has lower levels, he will lose interest. This can cause a the muscle tone to go down. Lack of sex can also lead to weight gain. If you are feeling insecure about your body, you won’t want to engage in any kind of sexual activity. This is why boosting those levels and maintaining normal levels is essential.

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