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Working With Independent Contractors Business Guidelines

should i get an accountant for my independent contractors

This is meant as a starting point for you to understand how to run your business. You can find more information in IRS publications #535, #463 and #17. These and other publications are available over the internet or can be picked up at the Van Nuys IRS office. Please seek education and professional help with your questions from your local school, lawyer, insurance broker and tax professional. You need not deduct any CPP or EI or withhold tax for a contractor.

As an independent contractor, you are required to track your deductions and estimate along the way how much you’ll need to pay in taxes. As an independent contractor, U.S. law classifies you as your own business entity. As such, you need to be responsible for more than a payrolled employee in terms of financial record keeping.

Thinking Ahead to Next Year: Changes to Taxes Under the New Law

In fact, it’s a major gray area that looks at multiple factors related to the nature of your relationship and who has more control in the situation. (Basically, who wears the pants?) Some situations may be very clear, while others may not have a definitive answer without asking the IRS directly. Get up and running with free payroll setup, and enjoy free expert support.

  • Quite a few business owners run into problems when they treat contractors as employees.
  • It is best practice to reach out to a CPA for advice when choosing what accounting method will work best for your independent contracting business.
  • A tax accountant can help you file several years’ worth of tax returns and will know about the programs offered by the IRS for people in this situation.
  • Many independent contractors purchase liability insurance to help mitigate this risk.
  • The CRA uses many parameters to determine the employee and IC status.

Each year, all employee taxable income is proven on a W-2 form and filed to the IRS. If you work as an independent contractor, then you know filing your taxes is not as simple or straightforward as it is for most workers. You don’t have accountant for independent contractors an employer taking taxes out of your weekly wages, and you don’t receive a W-2 form at the end of the year to use to file your taxes. Read on to learn what you need to know to meet your tax obligations as an independent contractor.

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Features include invoicing, expenses, time tracking, projects, estimates, payments, reporting, and a mobile app. While some other advanced programs feel like they require an accounting degree to navigate, FreshBooks keeps it simple. A tax accountant can help you file several years’ worth of tax returns and will know about the programs offered by the IRS for people in this situation. They can guide you to the one that’s most suitable for your financial situation. While there are plenty of benefits to working as an independent contractor, keep in mind that it does come with its disadvantages.

Do self-employed people need an accountant?

No, it's not mandatory for you to have an accountant when you are self-employed. You can complete your own tax returns and so on.

Whether you’re a part-time independent contractor or growing your enterprise, you’ll need to manage your finances, and that means seeking out an accounting app. Here’s how FreshBook’s four plans shake out in terms of cost and features. It’s important to note that we provided the regular monthly pricing, but each plan except for the Select plan are discounted by 50% for the first four months and includes a 30-day free trial.

What Is Accounting Software for Independent Contractors?

Aside from making federal estimated income tax payments, you’ll be required to pay your state throughout the year as well. Unlike employees, independent contractors do not have Social Security or Medicare taxes deducted from their pay. Instead, they pay their own income tax and self-employment tax on their earnings. The free version is pretty impressive, even compared to some paid accounting apps. It includes invoicing, live bank connections, income and expense tracking, and collaborators. It even has the ability to track multiple businesses (like a “side hustle” or two) and personal finances in the same account.

  • In the case of an audit, it is helpful to have everything separate, primarily if you classify yourself as a business.
  • In addition to providing better tracking capabilities, monthly bookkeeping for independent contractors helps you more efficiently review your income and estimate upcoming tax payments.
  • But that’s only an extension to file your paperwork — if you owe any taxes, you’ll need to pay them by the April 15 deadline to avoid being charged a penalty.
  • This separation of transactions will make it much easier when tax season rolls around or if you are ever audited.
  • It helps to have an accountant work on your behalf to make sure everything is filed correctly as you attempt to rectify the issue.

Bench assumes no liability for actions taken in reliance upon the information contained herein. You’ll likely need to file Form 8829 along with your Schedule C when taking the home office deduction, which you can learn more about in our guide to the home office deduction. An independent contractor is anyone who does work on a contract basis to complete a particular project or assignment. Several customers on third-party review site report problems reaching customer service or receiving a response to their problems.

Which accounting method should independent contractors use?

In addition, I’m at the point where I’m also considering changing our legacy contractors to employees this year. S Corporations do have additional organizational requirements including bookkeeping and payroll, and the tax preparation is more complex and slightly more costly. Though payroll can generally simplify the payment process for the business owner. We typically recommend the S Corporation strategy if a contractor generates more than $80K in annual net revenue.






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