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7 Best TED Talks About Sobriety and Addiction

After a catastrophic car accident that left him in a coma, Simon Lewis found ways to recover — physically and mentally — beyond all expectations. At the INK Conference he tells how this remarkable story led him to concern over all threats to consciousness, and how to overcome them. Approximately 25 minutes, an overview of the neurobiology of addiction.

ted talk addiction recovery

She believes that we need to focus not only on saving lives, but helping those who overdose rebuild lives. Her community is changing the way they work with addicts, creating programs to help them after they are saved from an overdose, as well as the first responders dealing with PTSD. This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxStroudsRun, an independent event. A 5-minute cartoon clip of a kiwi bird who tastes a golden “nugget.” This simple animation doesn’t require words to send a powerful message about addiction. This unfolds across a lifetime, to the point where those who’ve experienced high levels of trauma are at triple the risk for heart disease and lung cancer. 16-minute talk by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris on the impact of trauma.

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime by Nadine Burke Harris

Johann Hari has spent years traveling around the world to find out what causes addiction and what the solution could be. His innovative ideas may just be the cure for the universal how drugs affect the brain crisis of drug and alcohol addiction. Neuroscientist Yasmin Hurd researches nonaddictive, efficacious treatments that use cannabidiol to address the opioid epidemic.

  • 19-minute video clip about addiction and recovery reform from Dr. Carl Hart.
  • Here are the 7 best TED Talks about sobriety and addiction that will motivate you to stay the course as well as educate others about alcoholism and addiction.
  • He shares why all those hours you spend staring at your smartphone, tablet or computer might be making you miserable — and what you can do about it.
  • His innovative ideas may just be the cure for the universal crisis of drug and alcohol addiction.

Join our free meetings by phone, by Zoom, or in person at Avalon. He’s got a compelling story of how he managed to claw his way back into the world and turn his life around. It’s a great motivational talk for anyone who needs a little inspiration to keep going. Tara’s faced incredible backlash when she tested positive for cocaine shortly after being crowned Miss USA. It’s fascinating to see her perspective as a public figure in recovery.

Kate’s 24 Year Recovery Journey

When a young woman texted with a heartbreaking cry for help, the organization responded by opening a nationwide Crisis Text Line for people in pain. Nearly 10 million text messages later, the organization is using the privacy and power of text messaging to help people handle addiction, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, sexual abuse and more. In the 1980s and 90s, pharmaceutical companies began to market opioid painkillers aggressively, while actively downplaying their addictive potential.

ted talk addiction recovery

A 10-minute clip of Russell Brand’s interpretation of the 12 Steps.

Nearly every family in America is affected by addiction, but very few people actually talk about it, let alone help people successfully recover from it. Unless we change the way we view people with addiction, we’re unable to change for the better. Listen to Michael Botticelli, who was the Director of National Drug Control Policy under President Obama, discuss how we can help. Can we call any economy “healthy” in the face of dwindling resources and growing inequality? What if we cut off our addiction to endless growth, and used a new compass for modern prosperity? One such compass is known as “doughnut economics,” which aims to meet the needs of people without overshooting Earth’s ecological limits.

Disconnected Brains: How Isolation Fuels Opioid Addiction | Rachel Wurzman (

This can help to build trust and connection with the audience, and can also serve as a source of hope and inspiration for those who are still struggling with their own addiction. Some recovery programs use the phrase WE can recover, meaning recovery is a collective effort requiring a strong support group. When we can establish a feeling of community and bonding, we can build recovery capital and fortify our support network for better recovery odds. Johann Hari talks about his experiences growing up in a family that struggled with addiction and how different countries are approaching the problem. He discusses the implications of their findings on how we can change our own drug policies.

More people are openly embracing sobriety, and they’re doing it for a variety of reasons. The more we talk about sobriety and the more awareness we bring to the issue, the more we are able to realize that we are not alone. Want to connect with a depressed friend but not sure how to relate to them? Comedian and storyteller Bill Bernat has a few suggestions. Learn some dos and don’ts for talking to people living with depression — and handle your next conversation with grace and maybe a bit of humor. TED Series Go deeper into fascinating topics with original video series from TED.

Another great thing about these groups is that they give you the opportunity to help others with their recovery, which can be even more healing than receiving help sometimes. One of the key elements of a good addiction recovery speech is honesty. It is important for the speaker to be open and transparent about their own struggles with addiction and the challenges they faced on their journey to recovery.

This can help to motivate and inspire the audience to pursue their own recovery journey, and can provide a sense of hope and possibility for those who may feel stuck or uncertain about their future. Addiction recovery speeches are an important part of the recovery process for many individuals struggling with substance abuse or other forms of addiction. surprising ways alcohol may be good for you These speeches can be given by recovering addicts themselves or by others who have successfully overcome their addiction and are now in a position to help and inspire others. Why do we still think that drug use is a law-enforcement issue? Making drugs illegal does nothing to stop people from using them, says public health expert Mark Tyndall.

Bartolo said his addiction caught up to him and he ended up in state prison for three years. No matter how good your intentions are, they amount to nothing if you fail to take the necessary steps to make them happen. In need of some short, relatable recovery-focused motivation?

ted talk addiction recovery

One of the best TED Talks for addiction, this 10-minute video clip from former Miss USA, Tara Conner, is all about her personal experience with substance use. 14-minute moderate, heavy, binge video clip from Melissa Byers about addiction, harm reduction, and recovery. I want to share a story with you today about a very special girl named MyKayla Comstock.

Jan Rader: In the opioid crisis, here’s what it takes to save a life

Here are five Ted Talks that withstand the test of time and offer insight and inspiration to help you lean into recovery. Today, Avalon is featuring another Woman of Avalon in our Recovery Month series. Tony is a former addict who experienced homelessness and prison before turning his life.

Scientists have recently discovered that nicotine raises the level of a neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is a part of the brain that produces pleasure. Famous celebrities have become addicts and admitted to having to battle their addictions. It may include rediscovering a work or social role, finding new recreational interests, or developing a new sense of spiritual connection. Identify other factors in your life—relationships, work—that can help take the focus off addictive behaviors. As a fire chief and first responder, Jan Rader has spent her career saving lives.

Jan Rader

Getting a job under the best of conditions can take time, effort, and a high tolerance for rejection. All of my peers were still at college partying while I was embarking on a spiritual journey. Recovery is ongoing, and these five Ted Talks provide a springboard to self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction or want to change your relationship with alcohol, check out our warm, welcoming Avalon community!

Tara has a refreshingly honest and witty approach to discussing the stigma behind addiction. This talk was presented to a local audience at TEDxSurreyUniversity, an independent event. These talks take a new, fresh perspective while exploring the epidemic of addiction. In the 1980s through the 1990s, pharmaceutical companies began to market opioid painkillers aggressively, while downplaying their extremely addictive potential. Needless to say, the number of prescriptions went through the roof and so did cases of addiction, beginning the crisis that still know today. Fire chief Jan Rader saves many lives, many of whom are addicts who overdose on opioids.






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