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The Missing Piece: The Spiritual Malady Residential Recovery Program & Addiction Transitional Sober Living Home

It is sad that countless addicts and alcoholics have rejected 12 Step recovery because the G_d word is up on the wall and included in prayers and literature. This is how a mental health disorder manifests itself as distorted fear based thinking which appear, if acted upon, to make one’s situation a whole lot worse. These illustrate how the 12 step programme can help with an emotion dysregulation disorder. Each time we wake up from a modus operandi state of unconscious reflexive autopilot thinking and reacting and become mindfully aware of our internal and external experience, there is an awakening of spirit. It is a spiritual awakening to realize our attitude and outlook come from within and that we have the capacity to adjust them when we make a conscious choice to do so.

In the same way, you need to take rest days when you work out regularly. I am aware that there are many paths to recovery- my path has been the 12-Steps. While this may not be for everybody, the principles contained within the steps and the program are applicable and useful to anyone seeking sobriety and recovery. After reading ‘The Doctor’s Opinion,’ ‘Bill’s Story,’ and ‘There is a Solution,’ in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, we came to an understanding that we have no control whatsoever over alcohol or drugs.

Examples of malady in a Sentence

You should also try to find other people in AA who share your beliefs and struggles; they can provide support and fellowship as well as offer helpful advice. Just remember, even if you don’t share the same beliefs, everyone in AA are united by their shared experience with addiction and their desire to stay sober. In sobriety, it is so important to maintain conscious contact with a higher power and count our blessings.

what is spiritual malady

Sorry for being so direct in this blog, it is a message of hope, there is a way to completely turn your life around. The best definition may be found in the actual experience of one’s own shifts in conscious awareness. They were spawned eighty years ago among a bunch of awakened, God-conscious, ex-problem drinkers who discovered a way to recover from what they termed as spiritual disease, subsequently losing their obsession with alcohol.

Understanding the ‘Three-Fold Illness’

Hopefully the ideas included in this short writing show that there are many ways to approach these topics. We often take them to grave sooner rather than later unless we decide to be open and share our secrets with another person. Most of us were determined to take these secrets, these “sins” to the grave. Shameful secrets can fester in the dark recesses of our minds and inflame our hearts with recrimination and resentment.

Things may change over time, and you never know when or how your beliefs might evolve. The important thing is that you stay committed to your sobriety and continue working the program – eventually, everything else will fall into place. Ultimately all threats are existential TOP 10 BEST Sober Houses in Boston, MA January 2024 threats, but just bits and pieces of this more massive threat. The huge burden that humans bear is the ability to contemplate our own annihilation—death. This biases our system towards threat physiology and plays a significant role in our health and wellness.






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